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Simone Waddell Music Membership


I would love to tell you about the Simone Waddell Music Membership.  My purpose is to create music that inspires, heals, and makes people feel good – and share it with the world!  So, I have designed a simple and very exciting monthly membership for people who like my music – and my vibe!
Each month, you will receive…
  • One live streamed show per month
  • Two professionally produced songs from any one of my albums
  • One of my music videos and the backstory about how it was created
  •  Insights into my creative process and musical journey
  • An awesome opportunity to help create fantastic NEW music!

Musical Excellence

I have been blessed to work with some of Australia’s top musicians, producers, videographers, photographers - and even hair and makeup professionals.   I will share “behind the scenes” insights into what it takes to write music, create an amazing performance, nail it in the recording studio and produce stunning music videos.

What Do Members Get?

Each month, you will receive...
  • One live streamed performance 
  • Two professionally produced songs from one of my albums
  • One Music Video and the story behind it
  • Insights into my creative process and musical journey
  • Other surprises along the way!

I Fell - Music Video

Here is a tiny example of what has been created and with YOU choosing to become a member, many more wonderful things will be possible!
This music video is a song called, I Fell from my album, Surrender and we filmed it at Vivid Light Festival at night in Sydney. It was so much fun!

My Promise

I am so excited to share my original music and artistry with you. I am truly looking forward to co-creating with YOU in this new music and performance frontier.  I promise to give you my all, the absolute best I have to give as an artist.  I will make the most AWESOME music possible in collaboration with some of the best music professionals in Australia today.  We can make musical miracles happen! 

Born To Win - China Tour 2019

Singing my original track Born To Win, to packed out theatres in China..what an awesome time this was! Such a powerful song to sing, and walking through the audience was equal parts bedlam and fun!

About Simone

One of Australia’s top Contemporary Jazz Artists. A prolific songwriter, recording artist, & voice coach who has enjoyed huge success in Asia, Europe, the US & Australia.  Simone was the first Australian to win a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and was the first Australian to be awarded a Masters in Jazz Vocals from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Highlights: touring with Taylor Dayne, Max Pellicano & as the opening act for Vince Jones.

Tell Me More!

Who am I as an artist?
I write and sing about real life.
It could be something uplifting and positive or it might express heartbreak and despair…as long as it moves you.
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What is my style?
My original music features flavours of contemporary jazz infused with groove, and my repertoire includes R&B, soul, funk, pop and gospel elements. 
So how does it work? 
· You can choose a very affordable monthly membership payment of only $10 or $110 annually. 
· You will receive a log-on to my membership site immediately after signing up
· You will have front row access to my live stream shows
· You will gain immediate access to my music community in Facebook where I will be checking in with updates 
· You will receive two fully produced songs from any one of my albums each month
· You will receive one music video & the backstory about how it was created each month
· You will receive insights into my creative process and musical journey
· You will also receive rare behind the scenes insights
· You will be making a difference in the world of music!

From my heart, I truly would LOVE you to jump in and become a member will not be disappointed!
Manly Jazz Festival 2019.jpg 1.27 MB

*Manly Jazz Festival
Together, we will be co-creators of NEW awesome music and artistry.

China audience Theatre.jpg 3.1 MB
 *Tour in China - Haiya Theatre, November 2019
Is it your original music or covers as well?
By becoming a member you will:
1.    Give yourself the gift of music
2.    Give yourself the gift of community
3.    Create CHANGE in the world by helping to bring freedom for those trapped in sex trafficking - $5 from every membership goes to this cause
4.    Be the first to hear my new music that YOU helped create!
We can unite and be stronger together!
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* Masters Degree Graduation Night Celebration!

 Here is my favourite quote from the Shakespeare play, King Lear: 
"If music be the food of love, play on."
I also love these wise words of Amanda Palmer:
“We don’t make people pay for music, we let people pay for music.”
Thank you so much for your faith and love. Let’s do this!

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Sam McNally

Simone Waddell is, first and foremost, a fine friend. I've done several distinctly different projects with Simone - a tour, some recording sessions, some production shows. She brings a degree of professionalism and commitment to the table every time. These serve as a great example to up and coming artists, and also put seasoned professionals on notice (LOL). Apart from singing so well and writing great songs, she also possesses a survival 'essential' that you can't learn at any music school: a sense of humour. 
Sam McNally - keyboard player, recording artist, composer, producer

Michael Carpenter

Oh my, talk about someone I can relate to! One of the hardest working people I know. Always seeking ways to push and inspire people and continually refining her own craft as an incredible singer. Loyal and committed to what she believes in. A fighter who has had to endure more battles than anyone I know, and yet, Simone continues to somehow rise up. She is an amazing person, an amazing friend and someone I admire greatly. I wish you were all so lucky to have someone like her in your corner. Thank you Simone, from so many people who you mean so much to.
Michael Carpenter - Record Producer, Sound Engineer, Songwriter, Musician, Singer, Lecturer in Recording Arts 

Jim Kelly

Simone is a beautiful whirling dervish of energetic creative talent. She has come back into my life to record an album at my Tone Ranger Studio after many years in the gig world since her studies at Southern Cross University, Lismore. The studio environment bares the souls of all participants and Simone would stand as one of the most focused artists that I've worked with. 
Jim Kelly - Guitarist/Producer, Tone Ranger Studio

Tarisai Vushe

Simone you have mentored me for years and I have learnt great techniques from you. Every audition preparation that I have worked on with you has been a success.  I enjoy every session I have with you especially our songwriting sessions. The Lion King audition preparation is something I will always remember. Thank you for being part of my dream. You are a great singing teacher and a friend to cherish for life.
Tarisai Vushe - Singer/Songwriter STAR OF LION KING playing Rafiki and Shenzi.  Placed 5th in Australian Idol - Season Five 

Pauline McFetridge

Simone is multi-talented. A great singer, songwriter, actress, teacher and mentor.  She has even worked backstage in technical production. All these abilities have assisted me in producing successful major events and onstage productions. Simone has an 'old fashioned' work ethic and gives total loyalty and respect to her colleagues.
Pauline McFetridge - Executive Producer

Donna McElroy

Simone has a charming personality and is a delight to work with. Her recordings are a testimony to her extraordinary compositions and soulful voice. Simone is be an exceptional performer in a variety of styles. Her abundant talent is matched by her maturity and poise. In my many years of working in the music industry, Simone is one of the most outstanding vocalists I have ever encountered. I give my highest praise to her.
Donna McElroy - Berklee professor, Grammy nominee, Dove Award winner, vocalist on multiple gold and platinum records. 

Dr Warwick Carter

Simone has such a beautiful instrument yet her commitment is one of her best assets! You can be an extremely talented musician and still not make it into Berklee but Simone has a that rare combination of musical ability and commitment. I was so impressed upon hearing her sing, I offered her the chance of a musical lifetime to complete her degree at Berklee on a scholarship.
Dr Warwick Carter - former Dean of Berklee College of Music.

Deborah Torres Patel

When I first heard Simone's  "Born To Win" I was moved to tears and blown away by the message and the inspiration it brings! I taught the song  to a large women's conference in Singapore and often play it at my Find Your Million Dollar Voice program around the world. With a recent international project, I had no hesitation in selecting Simone to oversee the entire Australian team. She booked the recording studio and sang marvellously.  She also sourced other world class singers to record backing vocals, organised professional shoots, booked the cast, the transport, the catering - and returned all the footage back to us in Hollywood in record time!   
Deborah Torres Patel - Asia's #1 Vocal Coach and Award Winning Speaker


How can I contact Simone directly?

You can email and Simone or one of her team will respond quickly. You can also send a message here on this site. 

How long am I a member?

Your membership is ongoing and will ensure you keep receiving AMAZING music. You are also free to cancel at anytime. 

Touring with Taylor Dayne!

This was a wonderful dream come true. Songs I had grown up with like, Love Will Lead You Back, Tell It To My Heart, and Shelter. What a ride!